Milton, Roswell

About Milton, Roswell

Milton, Roswell is a picturesque city located in Fulton County, Georgia. Known for its beautiful scenery and thriving community, Milton offers a peaceful suburban lifestyle while still being conveniently close to the vibrant city of Atlanta. With its stunning natural surroundings and excellent schools, Milton is a popular choice for families and professionals looking to settle down in a charming and welcoming community.

Living in Milton, Roswell

Living in Milton, Roswell offers residents a high quality of life. The city is known for its spacious and luxurious homes, many of which boast stunning architectural designs. From traditional Southern-style houses to modern mansions, Milton offers a wide range of housing options to suit various preferences and lifestyles. The community is tight-knit, with many residents actively participating in local events and organizations. The city also has an abundance of parks and recreational areas, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors and stay active.

Zip Codes in Milton, Roswell

  • 30004
  • 30009
  • 30075

    Services We Offer in Milton, Roswell

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    Epoxy Flooring

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    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

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